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Requested by Mark Daugherty. 

While I’ve always like this song, I though it might sound repetitive without the variation of instruments, so I took out one of the choruses, shortened a solo – and was that a bagpipe solo?! I took this as a chance to break out my alto recorder — gifted to me so I could play “Ruby Tuesday” in one of the funnest cover bands I’ve played in, “Shrimp Boy.”

I had a lot of fun finagling some motifs while playing rhythm guitar and even embellished the riff at the end to keep the sound fuller as a solo… 

It took me a week to learn and “film” at Crissy Field Beach but it took longer to render and upload in the proper format. I’m learning that even though I’m shooting with the same equipment and settings, that this being my 3rd video, each one has required different formatting needs and has surfaced various and unusual tech conundrums. What is naive to think it would just get faster and easier? It actually took me a solid week of rendering and uploading in various formats.

As a result of such a process, I’ll have to wait until next month after my move to Montreal to resume this Cover Challenge. It’s been a much more in depth tech-related learning experience but great training as I gear up towards creating higher quality immersive music video experiences!

Thanks Mark for the vote. Now a have a new campfire song!

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